FreeBSD Port: samba-3.0.5,1

Geraud CONTINSOUZAS geraud.continsouzas at
Tue Aug 24 23:05:48 PDT 2004


On Wed, 2004-08-25 at 03:17, David Okeby wrote:
> When is samba going to be moved to 3.0.6 in the ports tree? The 3.0.5 
> tarball has been taken off many of the mirror servers already.

The same question has been asked a couple of days ago. I guess the right
answer to your question would be : when the maintainer will have time to
make the update. [1]

In the meantime, you can either try to fetch manually the 3.0.5 tarball
in the 'old-versions' subdir of the samba mirrors e.g. and put it in your
distfiles/ directory then restart the build of the port or...

... you can help update the port and send a PR. For your information
there's already several people working on this [2], so hopefully there
should be an update to 3.0.6 in the next few days. Patience ;)



[1] for a full description of the maintainer's job, see the description
given by Edwin yesterday at

[2] see

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