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Oliver Lehmann lehmann at
Tue Aug 24 14:24:17 PDT 2004

Hi Thierry,

Thierry Thomas wrote:

> Thanks Oliver, but on my 4.10-STABLE it still fails if I remove USE_GCC=
> 3.3. It chokes on datatype/image/jpg/common/pub/ijglwrap.h at line #82
>     struct BufferListSrcMgr
>     {
>         struct jpeg_source_mgr m_cPubSrcMgr;     // IJGL source manager
>         GList                  m_cBufferList;    // List of IHXBuffers
>         ^---
> GList is a class defined in datatype/image/common/pub/glist.h and it
> chokes at this point. With gcc-3.3 everything is OK.

What's exactly the error? Maybe during my or during your compile cc
includes an other (glib20...) header file? because it's defined in there
too /usr/local/include/glib-2.0/glib/glist.h
>From what date is your stable version?

 Oliver Lehmann

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