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Oliver Lehmann lehmann at
Tue Aug 24 07:54:55 PDT 2004

Hi Thierry,

> On Aug. 24, 2004,
>      Thierry Thomas <thierry at>  (Kabbale Eros) wrote:
> >
> >However, it's not yet ready to be committed: it builds, but some more
> >work is required, and I won't have time enough to finalize it.
> >
> >If some testers / reviewers / hackers want to check it, it is available
> >from <>.

I need the attached patch to build it on 4.10 (world 2004-06-04) otherwise
I get a "Build complete, 3 of 105 modules failed". (Problem is: getopt.h
out of /usr/local/include gets included in my case- which has a
definition for getopt() as unistd has - and unistd.h was included from
somewhere before.)
With that patch... everything compiles fine on 4.10 (But nothing tested
else yet)

If that's a problem on 5.3, maybe there should be a _FreeBSD >= case
around. I'll tr it in some days on my 5-testbox when my builds are

 Oliver Lehmann
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