Work in progress: Helix Player.

clayton rollins crollins666 at
Mon Aug 23 13:10:48 PDT 2004

On Aug. 24, 2004,
     Thierry Thomas <thierry at>  (Kabbale Eros) wrote:
>Helix Player is an open source project from RealNetworks; RealPlayer is
>built on top of the Helix Player (see
><> ).
>It would be nice to have it in the FreeBSD ports tree, and some months
>ago I ported their beta versions. Now, I have upgraded it to version 1.0
>However, it's not yet ready to be committed: it builds, but some more
>work is required, and I won't have time enough to finalize it.
>If some testers / reviewers / hackers want to check it, it is available
>from <>.
>Th. Thomas.

First off, thanks for spotting this software and getting it this far.

However, why did you enforce gcc 3.3? I just built it on my 4.x machine
with gcc 2.95.4... Is this to restrict later gcc's, or just some gcc's?

Using the system compiler where possible might be nice; all of my
software was compiled with it, and mozilla gives direct warnings
about the plugin being compiled with a different gcc.

Best regards,

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