[patch] devel/sdl12 inconsistency between actual version and file/directory naming

Anders Hanssen anders at rethink.no
Mon Aug 23 08:12:04 PDT 2004

Hi again!

Seems like ports/Mk/bsd.sdl.mk needed a little adjustment too. Here's the


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Subject: [patch] devel/sdl12 inconsistency between actual version and
file/directory naming

> Hi ports!
> When installing devel/sdl12 I get a lot of files installed with names such
> as sdl11-config, /usr/local/include/SDL11/ and so on. Here's a patch to
> remedy this inconsistency.
> I've also included a text file with some lines i deleted from my
> ports/Tools/scripts/plist-generated pkg-plist to make that file look more
> like the existing one (lots of share/doc/sdl/*). I don't know if all those
> lines should have been left alone or deleted.
> I've never patched a port before, and don't know all it's inner workings,
> please take a close look at the patch before you apply it.
> Regards,
> Anders Hanssen
> BTW: PORTREVISION is bumped.
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