database tables for VuXML

Oliver Eikemeier eikemeier at
Sun Aug 22 13:53:26 PDT 2004

Jacques A. Vidrine wrote:

> The `ranges' table perhaps looks erm interesting.  In this case,
> I encoded each package version number into four 32-bit integers.
> This allowed one to lookup an affected package completely in SQL.
> However, the encoding I used may now be incorrect in some ways, since
> pkg_install et al were recently changed to treat version numbers
> differently.

I can just donate some code that converts version numbers into arbitrary 
precision floting point numbers between zero and one. An alternate (and 
maybe easier to handle) form are hex strings which can simply compared 
with strcmp.

>>     description     text                  not null,

FWIIW, I would prefer to have a null description that is replaced by 
some dummy text when rendering.

>>     date_discovery  date                          ,

That same here: don't assume a valid date (or map non-existing dates to 
1970-1-1). The reason is that I want to have a form of `quick' entries, 
which are not fully reviewed.

> I think this is also easier to
> modify if we get new children of <package>, e.g. the <category> and
> <architecture> tags that are currently in the VuXML pre-1.2 DTD.

Ehm, is the DTD somewhere available form review? And how about the 
csh-style braces / <alternate><optional> tags suggested in 


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