question about specifying amavisd-new option in pkgtools.conf?

George Hartzell hartzell at
Sat Aug 21 16:22:46 PDT 2004

There was a discussion here about a month ago about the relative
merits of specifying port options in /etc/make.conf, port-specific
Makefile.local files, or the pkgtools.conf (and probably others).

I've been an inveterate Makefile.local supporter, but have been
building a machine using the pkgtools.conf approach to see if it works
for me....

I'm having a horrible time getting amavisd-new to build the way that I
want it, without the milter stuff.

The Makefile looks for a couple of files and if it can't find them, it
does this:


which is used in the pkg-plist file as a prefix to the lines that
install the milter stuff.  If it's defined as above, pkg_create ignore
those lines, and viola, no milter installed!

I've tried a variety of quotes and spaces in my pkgtools.conf MAKEARGS
section, and can't get anything to work.  Most of the (like this one)
end up loosing the space and the install tools don't know what to do
with @comment concatenated onto the beginning of a filename:

        'security/amavisd-new'  => 'AMAVIS_NOMILTER=@comment',

 pkg_create: read_plist: unknown command '@commentetc/rc.d/' (package tools out of date?)

Ditto with this:

        'security/amavisd-new'  => 'AMAVIS_NOMILTER="@comment "',

The quotation marks get stripped out before it makes it all of the way

Anyone out there have a suggestion to get this to work?


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