Broken port palm/prc-tools "Incorrect pkg-plist" - Questions for fix

Alexander Koch ak+fbsd-ports at
Mon Aug 16 16:02:16 PDT 2004


because I'am new to FreeBSD and the portssystem I wan't ask some
questions before I send a bug report for the prc-tools port to
avoid more work as necessary for the ports manager.

The port palm/prc-tools is marked broken with the comment:
"Incorrect pkg-plist". Because I want the port, I said to me "Fix
it, it should not be very difficult." This are the steps I have
done and will do:

I have followed Chapter 19 Automated package list creation from
the porters handbook to create a pkg-plist. I have deleted the
man pages in pkg-plist (and will check if the MANn variables in
Makefile list all pages correct).

Then I would try to install, deinstall, reinstall as described in
Chapter 14 Testing your port. Because I'am not a programmer and
only try programming a palm application (not more than a "Hello
World" for the beginning ;) I don't know how to test the port
itself in a manner to ensure functionality.

Is this enough? What else should I do to make the fix work
correctly on other systems (I have a 4.10 and a 5.2.1 to test the
make targets)? Or should I leave the port untouched and ask for
someone else to do it, who have more experiences with ports and
try a smaller (less complicated) port? 

I have not yet read _all_ documenation, some hints to other
useful docs which could help me in the process are welcome. I
have still documentation to read, but if I waiting till I had
read all there will be no fix for a long time ;)

Thanks in advance,


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