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Thierry Thomas thierry at
Mon Aug 16 12:38:31 PDT 2004

Le Lun 16 aoû 04 à 10:20:55 +0200, David Du SERRE-TELMON <david at>
 écrivait :
> Hi Thierry,


> By default, pcgre in enable, but it's an option, and it's possible to disable it
> lang/php4/Makefile

No, I was speaking of lang/php4/Makefile.pear, which is called when you
build devel/php4-pear; it includes

USE_PHP=   pcre xml

and you can remove it without editing the port.

> I say you that, because I've compiled PHP without the support of pcre, and
> after, IMP have stoped to work of course (while an upgrade from PHP 4.3.7 to
> 4.3.8).
> So, I think we should test for his presence. But maybe I'm wrong.
>  The mail is certified virus free by F-Prot anti-virus

This is strange. Have you upgraded with portupgrade?
What does report `pkg_info -I -x php4-pear'?

Th. Thomas.

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