Broken pkg-plist files

Adam Weinberger adamw at
Sat Aug 14 14:07:27 PDT 2004

>> (08.14.2004 @ 1639 PST): Kirill Ponomarew said, in 0.7K: <<
> Hi,
> I bring to your attention that on the latest i386 4.x package
> build, there are a bunch of new broken pkg-plist files.  Many
> of them are broken because of missed USE_LIBTOOL_VER=15 macro
> which prevents .la files installation.
> Please take a look at:
>> end of "Broken pkg-plist files" from Kirill Ponomarew <<

There's a lot of stuff in there that really shouldn't be. All of the
locale stuff shouldn't have to be in plists; PREFIX/share/locale/*
should be ignored. Same goes for things like usr/local/var,
usr/local/www, the GNOME gconf.xml.defaults stuff, generic perl lib
directories, etc.

If those false positive directories were grepped out, the list would be
a LOT easier to parse. As it is, it looks like the vast majority of our
ports are present in that list.

And, all that aside, is there something going on with kiri's Japanese
ports? Are there really hundreds of things missing from the xemacs, etc.
plists, or is the script parsing things in a way the port doesn't
intend? I ask only because it seems surprising that there should be so
many files neglected in a plist...

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