[ GLSA 200408-10 ] gv: Exploitable Buffer Overflow (fwd)

Oliver Eikemeier eikemeier at fillmore-labs.com
Sat Aug 14 04:06:02 PDT 2004

Michael Abbott wrote:

> The vulnerability report below was published on bugtraq on Thursday, 
> but I see that the print/gv port is still on the vulnerable (3.5.8-r3) 
> version and that (as of last night) this vulnerability is not reported 
> by portaudit.
> Am I forwarding this report to the right place?

More or less. While Gentoo decided to fix this bug now in version 
3.5.8-r4, we considered it better to fix it in version 3.5.8_1 (October 
18th 2002). Usually old vulnerabilites aren't added to the portaudit 
database (due to the effort necessary).


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