net/dictd: @exec in pkg-plist doesn't work?

Volker Stolz stolz at
Thu Aug 12 03:43:40 PDT 2004

In local.freebsd-ports, you wrote:
> Basically I'm install the default one as etc/dictd.conf.sample, and
> use @exec/@unexec to make or copy a etc/dictd.conf. However, only the
> @unexec works as expected. The @exec clause doesn't work, it didn't
> copy a etc/dictd.conf with clean installation. Could anyone help me to
> find out why? I see this is used in many other ports like ftp/lftp and
> net/GeoIp. Thanks!

@exec is only used when installing from a package, not port!

Try using a pkg-[de]install-script: that way, you can save yourself some
hassle with post-install vs. @exec.
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