boinc incomplete

Robin Schoonover end at
Wed Aug 11 18:38:59 PDT 2004

I am unable to complete the boinc port.  With school starting soon, and
being barely able to keep up with boinc being a moving target anyway, I'm
going to have to put it to rest and let soemone else take over from what
I have. (also, boinc 4.0 is coming up).  I just don't have the time.

I have what I've done at
It runs perfectly fine, but it isn't ...quite right I don't think.  And I
don't think it runs on 4.x (at least not 4.7) due to locale issues.  Also, 
I never properly finished the rcNG script.

Good luck to whoever actually ports the thing properly. :)

Robin Schoonover (aka End)
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