Problems with trafshow-4.0

Dmitry Pryanishnikov dmitry at
Wed Aug 11 05:14:04 PDT 2004


  After upgrading trafshow to freshly-available version 4.0, I've noticed that
it doesn't show correct traffic detailization. I use flags -npi to prevent DNS
issues. Backing out port to previous version 3.1_4 cures the problem. I tried
to run both versions on the same interface and noticed, that traffic 
statistics shown by 4.0 are correct - approx. the same pps, bps, total, but
instead of several _pages_ of different traffic 4.0 somehow "aggregates" in
into several _lines_ - for example, it shows only one line for tcp protocol, 
and bytes and CPS in this line accumulates all TCP traffic. Is this problem 
known to developers? I see this under 4.7-RELEASE.

Sincerely, Dmitry
Atlantis ISP, System Administrator
e-mail:  dmitry at
nic-hdl: LYNX-RIPE

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