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Andrew J Caines A.J.Caines at
Tue Aug 10 12:21:32 PDT 2004


> I upgraded to firefox (current version 9.3) it seg faults each time I go
> to a secure site and have to log in, my university and bank for example.
> This machine (FreeBSD hostname 5.2.1-RELEASE-p9...

I also run firefox-0.9.3 (with mozilla-1.8.a2,2) on a couple
5.2.1-RELEASE-p9 systems, one having been upgraded through a few versions
of everything and I've not seen reproducible segfaults, nor do I recall
any TLS/SSL specific issues.

The Microsoftian solution to many mozilla related problem is to clean out
.mozilla, start the client and put back the important data (bookmarks,
cookies, etc.).

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