Adding zlib support to a port

Freddie Cash fcash-ml at
Tue Aug 10 09:20:42 PDT 2004

The latest version of DansGuardian (www/dansguardian) has the ability to 
use zlib to improve throughput and reduce memory usage.  However, it 
requires zlib 1.2.1.  This isn't a problem on -CURRENT as it includes 
zlib 1.2.1, but 4.x and 5.2.1 only include zlib 1.1.4.  There isn't a 
separate port for zlib, so I can't add that as a dependency.

So, I'm looking for a little direction on how to handle this 
requirement.  The three possibilities I've come up with are:
	1. Bug the DansGuardian coders to add a private zlib build into the 
source tarball.
	2. Hack up a way to add a private zlib build to the www/dansguardian 
	3. Create a separate port for zlib and add that as a dependency to the 
dansguardian port.

Option 1 would be the easiest for me, but seems like overkill over 
something like this, especially since zlib is included with just about 
every Unix-like system, and is easy to upgrade on most of them.

Option 2 seems like a decent solution, but I have no idea how to add 
that in to the port framework.

Option 3 seems like the most logical solution, but I'm not a big coder 
or integrator, so I'm not sure what the repurcussions of having zlib 
in /usr/lib and /usr/local/lib would be, or how to handle versioning.

Any suggestions?

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