newest mrtg breaks with perl (podparser).

christian astrup bakke // chasm chasm at
Mon Aug 9 14:17:39 PDT 2004


seems like the newest version of mrtg won't cooperate with perl 5.8.5
(possibly the new podparser) and it's location. i've included the results of
my attempt at installing it with 'make install clean', and my version of

if the error isn't caused by mrtg, my apologies. i would be grateful if you
possibly could point me in the right direction and who to contact.

... and yes, if it is of any help, it worked before i cvsup'ed the day of
the release (8th of august i believe) and did 'portupgrade -ra'.

thanks in advance.

best regards,
christian astrup bakke // chasm.
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