mail/vm-pop3d + $HOME/Mailbox

Krzysztof Kowalewski, Jr. pyzmen at
Sun Aug 8 03:40:46 PDT 2004

I wrote small patch, which allows people to define vm-pop3d to look in 
$HOME for Mailbox instead of /var/mail, I hope you will consider applying 
it to ports tree.

Best regards,
Krzysztof Kowalewski.
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ports/mail/vm-pop3d + $HOME/Mailbox patch

This is first version of this patch, it may occur to be buggy, but I hope it
will work just fine for you.

# cd /usr/ports/mail/vm-pop3d
# fetch
# gunzip vm-pop3d-Mailbox.patch.gz
# patch -p1 < vm-pop3d-Mailbox.patch
# make MAILBOX_HOME=yes all install clean

If you find this patch crashing, let me know <pyzmen*at*kam*dot*pl>

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