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Ion-Mihai Tetcu itetcu at people.tecnik93.com
Fri Aug 6 16:27:53 PDT 2004

On Sat,  7 Aug 2004 00:49:54 +0200
"Sebastian Yepes F. [ESN]" <esn at x123.info> wrote:

> Hi
> Well i have been trying to setup dspam 3x in a FBSD -Current Box with
> Postfix 2.1 for more then a  1 weeks now, with put any luck.

Do you have the last version of the port ? Just to make sure, please
cvsup without '-s'. The port has just been connected to the build.

> do you have it running ok?

Yes, otherwise I wouldn't have submitted the port. I _do_ test as much
as I can before anything gets in the ports tree, but of course Bad
things may happen.

> one thing in the ports pkg-massage you say
> ---
>  (Do NOT add --user $USER to the call of dspam binary)
>  In main.cf set
>   mailbox_command = /usr/local/bin/dspam --mode=teft
>   --deliver=innocent,spam
> --feature=chained,noise -d %u
> ---
> but with this i get this error:

[ please try to paste computer output un-warped, it makes things a lot
easier to read. ]

> ---
> Aug  7 00:22:00 agosto postfix/cleanup[97294]: B1A3D1700E:
> message-id=<20040806222158.B1A3D1700E at mx.x123.info> Aug  7 00:22:00
> agosto postfix/qmgr[97282]: B1A3D1700E: from=<dscxsdsd at yahoo.com.cn>,
> size=1432, nrcpt=1 (queue active) Aug  7 00:22:00 agosto dspam[97309]:
> Unable to determine the destination user; mail server may be
> misconfigured Aug  7 00:22:01 agosto postfix/local[97308]: B1A3D1700E:
> to=<esn at x123.info>, relay=local, delay=3, status=bounced (Command died
> with status 1:"/usr/local/bin/dspam --mode=teft
> --deliver=innocent,spam--feature=chained,noise -d %u". Command output:
> 97309: [Sat Aug  7 00:22:00 2004] Unable to determine the destination
> user; mail server may be misconfigured Syntax:
> dspam--mode=[toe|tum|teft] --user [user1 user2
> userN][--feature=[chained,noise,whitelist]]
> [--deliver=[spam,innocent]][--process|--classify] [--stdout] [LDA
> arguments] ) Aug  7 00:22:01 agosto postfix/cleanup[97294]:
> 037591712C: message-id=<20040806222201.037591712C at mx.x123.info>
> Aug  7 00:22:01 agosto postfix/qmgr[97282]: 037591712C: from=<>,
> size=4016, nrcpt=1 (queue active)
> Aug  7 00:22:01 agosto postfix/qmgr[97282]: B1A3D1700E: removed
> ---

Yes, this is based on a report someone sent me and I've verified it was
right at the time:

At the begining, i just put 'root', 'postfix' and 'cgiower' for the CGI
 interface to be fonctional. But, and i don't know why at this time, it
 seems really not possible to use _correctly_ the "trusted users"
 mecanism. As soon as i did not put the username(s) in this file, if
 someone send me an email, it get a *Undelivered Mail Returned to
Sender*, as follow:
   Command died with
     status 1: "/usr/local/bin/dspam --mode=teft --deliver=innocent
     --feature=chained,noise --user $USER -d %u". Command output:
     30096: [Fri Jun 25 20:07:23 2004] An untrusted user may not set
    the runtime target users

 So if not putting the username work for you, i am very interested in
 checking check our both configuration...

But now it seems you are right; sorry for the inconveniences. It seems
this was changed right before Jonathan made the release. Strange that
neither I not the other few people that tested the port didn't catch it.

Andreas please ci the attached diff. Thanks.

> If i use the (/usr/local/bin/dspam --mode=teft --deliver=innocent
> --feature=chained,noise --user $USER -d %u)
> i get some error about the query
> ---
> Aug  7 00:32:06 agosto dspam[97620]: query error: verbose debug: see
> sql.errors for more details
> --

This is not an error. You have compiled with verbose debug, so you get
this extra information. If you want it to go away, please:
cd /usr/ports/mail/dspam-devel/ && \
make desintall && make rmconfig install clean

and do not choose VERBOSE_DEBUG

Unregistered ;) FreeBSD "user"

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