Problem with vim-6.3.15

Dwayne MacKinnon Dwayne.MacKinnon at
Fri Aug 6 08:16:13 PDT 2004

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Hi all,

	Just upgraded to vim-6.3.15 and encountered some problems, mostly with
errors like this:

ICE default IO error handler doing an exit(), pid = 74898, errno = 35
rcmdsh: unknown user: Äü$ûPjVès§ûÿÄ FX
Vim: Caught deadly signal BUS
Vim: Finished.
Bus error (core dumped)

	I did some web research on rcmdsh and vim (my first thought was that
someone had somehow inserted a trojan into vim :-) and found that this
sort of thing had happened before. The explanation, given by Kris
Kennaway, is that the binary had somehow been linked to both libc and
libc_r. I used ldd to check my vim binary, and sure enough, linked to both.

	So I started messing around with my compile settings, and discovered
that the problem is caused by a combination of perl-5.8.5 and python-2.3.4.

	If I have used use.perl port, and compile vim with -DWITH_PERL
- -DWITH_PYTHON, the problem occurs. The resulting vim binary is linked to
both libc and libc_r.

	If I use use.perl system, and do the same compile, the vim binary is
linked to libc_r. If I use use.perl port, and compile with just
- -DWITH_PERL, the binary is linked to libc. Using just -DWITH_PYTHON
results in linking to libc_r.

	I did some googling, and discovered the python links to libc_r if it
can to avoid a hang situation when threads are enabled.

	Anyways, to sum up: -DWITH_PERL -DWITH_PYTHON breaks vim if the perl in
question is 5.8.5 (I don't know about perl5.6.X). So for the time being
I'm just not going to use -DWITH_PYTHON (I don't code python much. I do
code a lot of perl.)

	I'm on 4.10-RELEASE, btw.

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