subversion broken with apache2 now in ports

Clement Laforet clement at
Fri Aug 6 05:21:32 PDT 2004

On Thu, 5 Aug 2004 19:25:30 +0400
Lev Serebryakov <lev at> wrote:

Hi Lev,

>  And why is this solution better, that a\libapr in `lib' directory?
>  The same problem: conflicts with `devel/apr'...
I don't want to make apache2 and apr conflicts.
Splitting apr and apache2 has several advantages, like a real apr
abstraction layer without rebuilding apache2. OTOH, it can disturb users
since there's a relationship between apr and apache2 options.
Ideally apache2 would be split into 3 parts, to support apr,apache2
tools, apache2 server/modules. Due to ports tree infrastructure, it's
hard to offer this solution, but with a little work it should be okay.
>  BTW, WITH_BERKELEY_DB should be option of `devel/apr-apavhe2' in such
>  case!
If I split apache2 ports, all knobs (apr-related ones of course) will be

>   May be, compromise solution could be used: TWO rc.d scripts? One is
>   simple: `', which add `${PREFIX}/lib/apache2' int
>   LD_PATH (run `ldconfig -m ...'), and second, which starts apache as
>   daemon. Solution like this is used by `databases/mysql-client' to
>   add `${PREFIX}/lib/mysql' into LD_PATH.

Nice comprise. I committed this yesterday (as you surely noticed).
I try tobuid subversion modules, and it's working. Since apache2 port
prevents installation of 2 apr, we should never have problem ;)

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