graphics/aqsis: Doesn't compile, but found workaround

Volker Stolz stolz at
Fri Aug 6 01:30:38 PDT 2004

In local.freebsd-ports, you wrote:
> The port graphics/aqsis doesn't compile because of an internal compiler bug.
> A quick workaround is to compile with GCC 3.2 (maybe other versions work too, 
> but I tried this one). There is still the problem that, at a later point, it 
> fails because of an undefined reference to pthread_mutex_destroy and 
> pthread_mutex_init. I solved it by adding -pthread to the command line.

I'll try to look into this, but I remember trying to unbreak aqsis not too long
ago and gave up because something wasn't as straight forward as it looked.
Anyway, could you please use send-pr to submit a ports-bug with the description
above so we have a copy in memory that is more stable than mine?

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