changing a Makefile based on user input

Matthew Seaman m.seaman at
Thu Aug 5 06:39:29 PDT 2004

On Thu, Aug 05, 2004 at 02:48:22PM +0200, Sven Esbjerg wrote:
> I'm trying to port RTFM ( since we use it at
> work.

Note that there is already a misc/rtfm port, with is an unrelated
piece of software.  You could perhaps call your port 'rt-faq-manager'.
> It's my first port and I'm unsure of how the following should be done.
> Intalling RTFM is simple. Untar the tarball. Edit the Makefile
> and run make install. 

Easy enough.  I'd basically copy pretty much what the www/rt3 port
does.  This isn't going to be the easiest port to write -- whicle the
install step is fairly obvious, you're going to have to deal with all
of the different combinations of perl versions, apache versions,
whether it's running under mod_perl or using FastCGI, MySQL vs PgSQL

> However the Makefile needs to be changed according to the postgresql
> installation - it needs a username for tampering with the database and a
> password if that is required. It also needs to know where rt lives.

All that stuff can be copied right out of the www/rt3 port.  You will
probably need to confer with the maintainer of www/rt3 if you're going
to be installing files into the same directory structure as that port.
At a minimum you'll need to tweak pkg-plist contents so that neither
one complains about being unable to delete a directory if the other
one is still using it.  A common idiom is to use:

    @unexec rmdir %D/foo/bar 2>/dev/null || true

to remove directory foo/bar if it's empty, but not complain otherwise.
> I would like to provide the user with defaults (pgsql user and /usr/local/rt3
> as installation directory)  but I would also like the user to be able to
> specify these options. 

Use the make(1) conditional assignment operator:

    RT_PATH?=	${PREFIX}/rt3

which sets RT_PATH to that, unless an override is given, eg from the command line:

    make RT_PATH=/opt/rt3
> I guess my question is: can I run some kind of script just after extracting
> but before installing? 

Yes.  Generally a pkg-install script would be used for that purpose --
that script would also be included into any package made from the port
and pkg_Add would automatically run it when installing that way.
Actually the pkg-install script gets called twice, once, just before
any files are installed, with a command line argument of 'PRE-INSTALL'
and again, just after files are installed, with an argument of
'POST-INSTALL'. There's a corresponding pkg-deinstall script too,
which works similarly.

> Is it advisable to create a sed script that does the actual mangling of the
> Makefile or?

Probably just create a patch for the Makefile and put it in the files
directory.  Call it 'patch-something-or-other' and it will be applied
automatically after your distfiles have been downloaded, checksummed
and extracted into WRKDIR.

I suggest that you take a good long read of the Porter's Handbook
before you go any further:
and don't be afraid to just look for similar ports in the tree and
unashamedly copy what other porters have done.



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