subversion broken with apache2 now in ports

Lev Serebryakov lev at
Mon Aug 2 20:59:14 PDT 2004

Hello Clement,

Monday, August 2, 2004, 11:47:16 PM, you wrote:

CL> As you said previously, error appeared "around apache2-2.0.49!" to be
CL> more precise: apache-2.0.49_2, when I introduced apache2 RCng startup
CL> script. Previous script used apachectl to start apache2, new one start
CL> directly httpd.
CL> I forgot to add (I committed yesterday this missing part):
CL> if test -f /usr/local/sbin/envvars; then
CL>   . /usr/local/sbin/envvars
CL> fi
CL> which sets LD_LIBRABRY_PATH. No more change between 2.0.49 and 2.0.50.
CL> All previous behaviour was done at run time.
  Here are problem with this solution: `svn' command-line client and `svnserve' stand-alone server uses libapr TOO. If user builds subversion wiht apache2 module and then disables apache2 for some reason, this LD_LIBRARY_PATH will not be set, and user will not be able to use subversion even with local repository, because `svn' will stop to work!
  And even worse: `make install' for subversion could try to create repository for user (depending on WITH_XXX options). And if apache2 was build as dependincy for subversion, it will not run yet, and subversion installation will fail with strange error: `svnadmin could not be run'.

CL> To answer you previous question about what may imply a move from
CL> ${PREFIX}/lib/apache2 to ${PREFIX}/lib. AFAIK, no port should be
CL> affected. But I'm a little bit (too much?) reticent to make apr/apache2
CL> ports conflict.
CL> It's a dilemna, and I don't know which choice is the best.
  I think, that this conflict is better, than current situation.

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