[PATCH] small speedups in Mk/bsd.port.mk

Roman Neuhauser neuhauser at chello.cz
Thu Apr 29 22:36:16 PDT 2004

# neuhauser at chello.cz / 2004-04-30 02:18:19 +0200:
> This patch reduces several grep | awk, sed | awk and similar pipes,
> eliminates sed calls where shell builtin substitutions suffice.
> Feedback, please.

    Could someone please try the patch out before it goes to gnats?
    That's why I posted it here first: my box can't finish `make index`
    because of cooling problems.
    I'd love to know at least the patch doesn't introduce a /bin/sh or
    awk parse error somewhere before it ruins the next 4-exp build.
    Doing business with portmgr@ is rather slow, I don't need another
    Mk PR left suspended for months despite three new versions of the
    patch. :)

    Anyone willing to give it a shot?

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