postfix port version numbering -- suggestions wanted

MikeM zlists at
Wed Apr 28 12:45:09 PDT 2004

On 4/28/2004 at 2:20 PM Vivek Khera wrote:

|During the freeze, postfix 2.1 was released, and postfix 2.2 
|"development" branch was started.  It is fairly self-evident that the 
|postfix-current port should become the 2.2 version.  What is not clear 
|is how to handle the transition from the 2.0 to 2.1 as the "release" 
|Currently there are three postfix ports: postfix1, postfix, and 
|postfix-current.  Obviously, enough people still run postfix 1.x to 
|need a postfix1 port.  So my thought is to make a postfix20 port for 
|the now old 2.0 line, and have the postfix port be the 2.1 release.  
|This way people can upgrade as they see fit, and if they have a burning 
|desire to still run 2.0.x, they can.  Or is there any point in having a 
|2.0 sitting about?  They're totally backward compatible.
|What do other postfix users out there think?   I'm holding off 
|submitting the PR's until we decide on what to do.

postfix1 - leave as it is.

postfix - should always point to what Wietse calls the "Official release"
version.  Currently, that is 2.1 Patchlevel 0.

postfix20 - can point to the last official patchlevel release of postfix
2.0.x if enough people need it.

postfix-current - should point to what Wietse calls an "Experimental
release" version.  Currently the 2.2 codebase.

My $0.02.   

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