The ongoing saga of lsof-4.71.1

Michael Edenfield kutulu at
Wed Apr 28 06:02:55 PDT 2004

* Hermes Trismegistus <hermes at> [040428 00:26]:
> Mike, one hell of a job at some really good sleuthing. I lacked your
> persistence, or maybe your curiosity. I had given up on the newer version
> of lsof after spending about half the time you spent. I just figured what
> the fuck, I'll stay with the older but working version. I guess you and I
> are the only ones without the "__cpumask_t" value set to some typedef.
> Where did you comment it out (what file)?

Actually, I lied a little in my email.  I didn't realize until after I'd
sent that I wasn't actually running -CURRENT, I was running 5.2-RELEASE
on that machine.  Apparently, __cpumask_t in is
/usr/include/machine/_types.h on -CURRENT but not in 5.2-RELEASE.

At any rate, you just need to edit "machine.h" in the port's work
directory (lsof-4.72a.freebsd/src I think).  Do a "make configure" then
edit the file then finish the make.



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