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Ben H. strbenjr at
Tue Apr 27 06:13:02 PDT 2004

The core piece I am asking to be ported is the Netscape Certificate Management System (CMS) but it may require the Netscape Directory and the Netscape Enterprise Server (web server)
So... basically I was asking for the LINUX version of all three.  I will try to get the CMS package working with OpenLDAP and Apache first.  
[ CMS is what OpenCA hopes to become ]
Thanks so much!
Ben H.

Adam Weinberger <adamw at> wrote:

[ removing questions@ from the Cc: list ]

>> (04.26.2004 @ 1848 PST): Ben H. said, in 1.0K: <<
> [ Netscape Directory Certificate CMS ]
> ...
> I would like to request that some great "port-er" consider porting the following software:
> I am going to take a stab at installing this depending simply upon the Linux Emulation and the included instructons. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 
> ...
> Thanks!!!
> (Please reply directly since I am not a list member)
>> end of "New port request..." from Ben H. <<

You haven't said what program you want ported, nor have you given any
information about the software. Furthermore, you have provided a link to
a page with links to 6 different applications and nothing else. I
haven't a clue what it is that you're asking to be ported... a little
help, please.

# Adam

Adam Weinberger
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