QCad - Setting Preferences

Bryan Bursey bburse at eastlink.ca
Sun Apr 25 07:22:26 PDT 2004

Folks -

I'm using 4.10-BETA built on April 18, which ports cvsup'd at about the 
same time.

While I'm able to run QCad after building and installing from ports/cad, 
I do receive a couple of warnings back on the command line, and I'm 
unable to save preferences I've set globally for the program.

The first two appear only once when the program is started, and seem to 
be related to the language options not being loaded into the initial 
settings dropdown boxes.
    QComboBox::changeItem: (cbLanguage) Index 0 out of range
    QComboBox::changeItem: (cbLanguageCmd) Index 0 out of range

And this message repeats itself over and over and over... (and might be 
related to not having a .qcad.conf file?)
    QSettings::sync: filename is null/empty

I do *not* have a .qcad.conf file in ~/, and I don't know where I would 
find a sample to get started.  Does anyone have any suggestions on how 
to address these issues?


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