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Paul English penglish at hydro.washington.edu
Fri Apr 23 14:02:24 PDT 2004

On Sat, 17 Apr 2004, Nakata Maho wrote:

> In Message-ID: <20040416143534.N54301-100000 at dynamic.hydro.washington.edu>
> Paul English <penglish at hydro.washington.edu> wrote:
> Hi, Paul
> > The port is expecting:
> > l_fc_pc_8.0.039.tar.gz
> yes. you are right.
> > Not that I'm complaining mind you - it is a real treat having a port for
> > this such that we can generate FreeBSD binaries. The problem is that I
> > don't think my boss will spring the $700 for the Intel compilers, but as
> > we are a non-commercial institution we DO qualify to use the free version
> > as much as we want.
> Ugah, you paid for it? Oh no!

No, didn't pay for it!

> > You mention logging into premier.intel.com - I never did that, only used
> please do it!
> > the clickthroughs on the site to download the free version, and even that
> > requires registration and once you've registered they send you the URL.
> > I believe that is because you paid for the compilers, right?
> No. I don't paid for them. Just I have is non-commercial version
> of license.
> I checked premier.intel.com, and I could find it.
> 1) logging into premier.intel.com
> 2) then jumps to https://premier.intel.com/WhatsNew.aspx
> 3) Please see left navigation, Premier Features section and click
>    File Downloads.
> 4) Click display File List, and see the 1/14/2004 section.
>    l_fc_pc_8.0.039.tar.gz
>    (85043840 bytes)
> You must recieve .lic file for using Fortran compiler. othrewise,
> you cannot invoke fortran compiler.
> at that time you also recieved an e-mail annoucing that:
> 5.  If you haven't registered for Intel(R) Premier Support, you can do this at any time by visiting http://www.intel.com/software/products/registrationcenter/index.htm.  Note that you will be prompted for the serial number (shown above) and the date of purchase (enter today's date).
> Now it redirects to:
> https://shale.intel.com/registrationcenter/register.asp

This did the trick. Just to download the compiler initially, you don't
need to log in to premier. The confirmation email sends you a URL which
you can use to download it. However, by logging in to premier (a process
which took my registering AND them fixing some bug which still wouldn't
let me log in), I got access to all the latest updates.

Thanks one and all for the help.


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