setting up a ports infrastructure outside of /usr/ports

Volker Stolz vs at
Thu Apr 22 00:28:34 PDT 2004

In local.freebsd-ports, you wrote:
> 1. to have the ports directory in my home directory? I
>      think yes.

Yes. Only when specifying some dependencies via relative URLs
you may need to work around this (${.CURDIR}/../net/foo).

> 2. to build and to install a port as normal user to
>     a via PREFIX specified directory?
> 3. to use a different pkgdb directory than /var/db/pkg for
>     the ports build in this manner?


However, many ports will fail on installing because they'd like
to run binaries (e.g. for registering with already installed aps)
which need root privileges. In that case, you can still install
them to a different PREFIX and with a different PKG_DBDIR as root.

I only used this for testing, though, I never tried to run stuff
in there.

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