Single-Letter Port Names

Eric van Gyzen vangyzen at
Mon Apr 19 17:27:02 PDT 2004

Matthew Hunt wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 19, 2004 at 08:07:04PM -0400, Eric van Gyzen wrote:
> > I'm the maintainer of the math/R-letter port.  I would like rename the
> > port to just math/R; however, I'm told that single-letter port names
> > are not known to work.  Can someone elaborate on this?  It seems to
> > work for me...
> I think the reason your port is R-letter is because it's compiled for
> US-letter sized paper (8.5x11 inch); there is also R-a4 which would
> be for European A4 paper.  This is a common convention in the Ports
> Collection; there are several examples in the "print" category, for
> example.

That is most certainly the reason, but I would like to remove that 
functionality.  It might be convenient for a handful of folks who install 
prebuilt R packages, but it's annoying to mangle the port name just for a 
runtime-adjustable default paper size.  The name "R" would seem so much 
cleaner.  Those who need A4 size paper can build the port accordingly, or 
adjust it after a package has been installed.


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