Ports with duplicate LATEST_LINKS

Kris Kennaway kris at rtp.FreeBSD.org
Sun Apr 18 06:50:09 PDT 2004

Dear port maintainers,

The following list includes ports maintained by you that have duplicate
LATEST_LINK values.  They should either be modified to use a unique
LATEST_LINK or suppressed using NO_LATEST_LINK, to avoid overwriting
each other in the packages/Latest directory.  If your ports conflict with
ports maintained by another person, please coordinate your efforts with

Kris "Annoying Reminder Guy II" Kennaway
LATEST_LINK          PORTNAME                       MAINTAINER          
dansguardian         www/dansguardian-devel         fcash at bigfoot.com   
dansguardian         www/dansguardian               fcash at sd73.bc.ca    
de-staroffice        german/staroffice5             mb at imp.ch           
de-staroffice        german/staroffice52            mbr at FreeBSD.org     
de-staroffice        german/staroffice70            mbr at FreeBSD.org     
emacs20              chinese/emacs20                ports at FreeBSD.org   
emacs20              editors/emacs20                ports at FreeBSD.org   
gdb                  devel/gdb53                    mp at FreeBSD.org      
gdb                  devel/gdb6                     obrien at FreeBSD.org  
gkrellmmailwatch     mail/gkrellmmailwatch2         fernan at iib.unsam.edu.ar
gkrellmmailwatch     mail/gkrellmmailwatch          treif at mayn.de       
ja-ng                japanese/ng                    ginga-freebsd at ginganet.org
ja-ng                japanese/ng-devel              ginga-freebsd at ginganet.org
libutf               converters/libutf-8            adam at redprince.net  
libutf               misc/libutf                    gagnon_s at sympatico.ca
linux-blackdown-jdk13 java/linux-blackdown-jdk13     znerd at FreeBSD.org   
linux-blackdown-jdk13 java/linux-blackdown-jdk14     znerd at FreeBSD.org   
linux-netscape7      german/netscape7               riggs at rrr.de        
linux-netscape7      french/netscape7               trevor at FreeBSD.org  
linux-netscape7      japanese/netscape7             trevor at FreeBSD.org  
linux-netscape7      portuguese/netscape7           trevor at FreeBSD.org  
linux-netscape7      www/netscape7                  trevor at FreeBSD.org  
mew-emacs20          mail/mew-emacs20               kiri at FreeBSD.org    
mew-emacs20          mail/mew2-emacs20              kiri at FreeBSD.org    
mew-emacs20          mail/mew3-emacs20              kiri at FreeBSD.org    
mew-emacs21          mail/mew2                      kiri at FreeBSD.org    
mew-emacs21          mail/mew3                      kiri at FreeBSD.org    
mew-xemacs21-mule    mail/mew-xemacs21-mule         kiri at FreeBSD.org    
mew-xemacs21-mule    mail/mew2-xemacs21-mule        kiri at FreeBSD.org    
mew-xemacs21-mule    mail/mew3-xemacs21-mule        kiri at FreeBSD.org    
mod_jk-apache2       www/mod_jk-apache2             girgen at pingpong.net 
mod_jk-apache2       www/mod_jk2                    lansil at fuzzynerd.com
mod_limitipconn      www/mod_limitipconn            gslin at ccca.nctu.edu.tw
mod_limitipconn      www/mod_limitipconn2           gslin at ccca.nctu.edu.tw
p5-Mail-Box          mail/p5-Mail-Box               tobez at FreeBSD.org   
p5-Mail-Box          mail/p5-Mail-Box1              tobez at FreeBSD.org   
pfe                  lang/forth                     patrick at FreeBSD.org 
pfe                  lang/pfe-devel                 patrick at FreeBSD.org 
ruby-devel           lang/ruby18                    knu at FreeBSD.org     
ruby-devel           lang/ruby18_r                  knu at FreeBSD.org     
ruby18-xmlscan       textproc/ruby-xmlscan          knu at FreeBSD.org     
ruby18-xmlscan       textproc/ruby-xmlscan-old      knu at FreeBSD.org     
rvm                  devel/rvm                      coda at cs.cmu.edu     
rvm                  archivers/rvm                  ports at FreeBSD.org   
ssh                  picobsd/ssh-picobsd            luigi at FreeBSD.org   
ssh                  security/ssh                   ports at FreeBSD.org   
staroffice           editors/staroffice5            mb at imp.ch           
staroffice           editors/staroffice52           mbr at FreeBSD.org     
staroffice           editors/staroffice60           mbr at FreeBSD.org     
staroffice           editors/staroffice70           mbr at FreeBSD.org     
w3                   www/w3-4                       kiri at FreeBSD.org    
w3                   www/w3                         kiri at kiri.toba-cmt.ac.jp

Total: 52 ports

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