FreeBSD Port: latex2e-2001.09

Jean-Marc Zucconi jmz at
Fri Apr 16 11:59:35 PDT 2004

>>>>> Tabor Kelly writes:

 > I was wondering if you were going to update the port
 > for the December 2003 release of LaTeX? If not maybe I
 > will undertake it (are there any obstacles that you
 > know of?).

I was not aware of the new version.

 > If I do update the port could you help me get it
 > committed? I hear this can take a lot of
 > time/heartache.

If you want to submit patches no problem. Updating this port is
generally not difficult - you just have to make sure that the
pkg-plist is correctly up-to-date.
Otherwise I will look at it next monday.


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