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Thu Apr 15 23:29:56 PDT 2004

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TkDesk release 2.0, code name "Lazarus," is now available for download.

Please keep in mind that the primary focus of this release was to provide
Tcl/Tk 8.4 compatibility, as opposed to fixing bugs and adding features. If
you have submitted bugs against release 1.2, do not be shocked if they have
not been fixed. However, the overall goal of the 2.x set of releases will
be to fix existing bugs, clean up the code, and generally prepare for major
functionality improvements in later releases.

That being said, there were some new features, fixes, etc., included with
this release:

Release 2.0 Highlights

~    * Tcl/Tk 8.4 compatibility

~      See the INSTALL file for detailed release requirements.

~    * Dropped support for Tcl/Tk 7.x.

~    * Mouse-wheel support

~      Most text boxes and the file listings are now mouse-wheel enabled.
~      The usage details haven't made it into the documentation yet, so
~      here's the quick summary:

~          o Your X11 server needs to be configured for mouse-wheel support.
~          o The mouse wheel scrolls 5 lines at a time by default
~          o Shift + the mouse wheel scrolls 1 line at a time
~          o Ctrl + the mouse wheel scrolls 1 page at a time

~    * Select two files, press a button, get a diff!

~      This works great in conjunction with tkDiff. The diff command used
~      can be configured in your .tkdesk/System file. The default "diff"
~      button (on the button bar) is a picture of two overlapped pages.

~    * Improved (hopefully) configure script

~    * New TkDesk logo

There are no plans at this time to provide pre-compiled packages for this
release. (Volunteers?)

Please relate any problems (or successes!) installing this release to the
tkdesk-users mailing list (tkdesk-users at

It has been over three years since the last release of TkDesk. Rather than
dwell on the reasons for the hiatus, suffice it to say that TkDesk has
refused to die. This is evidenced not just from the almost continuous
stream of emails reporting bugs and bitching about the lack of new
releases... :-) but from the number of emails praising TkDesk as well. At a
time when development of modern feature-full file managers is rampant, the
fact that users continue to speak so highly of TkDesk is a credit to the
original design and implementation, and a positive indicator of TkDesk's

We hope you find TkDesk useful, and should you be interesting in
contributing to the project please visit the developers page for more


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