current qmail-scanner port with clamav and f-prot fails on messages

Charles Swiger cswiger at
Wed Apr 14 10:55:01 PDT 2004

On Apr 14, 2004, at 10:38 AM, Rick Updegrove wrote:
[ ... ]
>> If your complaint is that neither vendor's most recent definitions
>> fail to catch some known viruses, that's a different problem, which 
>> you
>> should discuss with the vendors directly, since that has little to do
>> with FreeBSD ports.
> First of all it is the qmail-scanner port itself that is missing 
> password protected .zip files because it is a version behind still. 
> Maybe you missed the relevant portions of the original post.

Perhaps I did.  I use amavisd and block .zip's entirely, so the 
distinction between blocking password-protected viral .zip's and 
non-password-protected viral .zip's is not relevant to me.

> Secondly, the most recent vendor's most recent definitions don't 
> always work when you are a version or two behind on the scan engine 
> itself.

I've seen that with vendors who charge for upgrades, sometimes.
I haven't seen that happen to ClamAV, yet.

> Thirdly, I am not complaining.  I am trying to help all the users of 
> these ports by shedding light on the facts.  Of course I (we) have the 
> ability to manually install these packages using the current sources 
> and if I get many more replies like this I will just do that and 
> forget about trying to help make these ports work properly.  If I (we) 
> have to do that then why even bother to maintain a FreeBSD port for 
> these packages at all if they don't work effectively?

"I'm not complaining.  Whine!"  :-)

It is unlikely that anyone here will attempt to convince you to do 
anything at all.  Feel free to compile software yourself if you think 
you can do so better.

> So now that we have cleared up a few things, who wants to discuss a 
> strategy to maintain an effective FreeBSD virus-scanner port for 
> qmail?

If you'd like to help other people, submitting an update for the 
qmail-scanner port via a PR might be useful.  Whining about 
qmail-scanner leaking viral mail isn't very useful, but I guess you can 
keep doing that instead, if you want.


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