SA-04:05 single patch && problem

Bjoern A. Zeeb bzeeb-lists at
Wed Apr 14 10:50:11 PDT 2004


when applying the patch from SA-04:05[1] and re-building changed parts
of the base system  opensslv.h does not get altered with the update
like it did with the commits to the various branches [2].

[2] p.ex. now doing a string compare on p.ex. "0.9.7a-p1" which
will fail.  Thus ports that set USE_OPENSSL will depend on the
openssl package.

This logic is broken as the base system is patched and the openssl
package is not needed.

So the SA patches should also update the version strings in headers
- or more general commit the same parts (only) that get published
as single patches (or even better the other way round: should publish
a complete single patch from what got previously committed).

What short term solutions are there for people building ports
[ I do not really like any of those ] ?

- setting USE_OPENSSL_BASE=yes seems to be a possible workaround
  forcing the version of the base system and not the port to be used.

- patching the header file by hand is not a real solution but should
  work too.

- would it be possible to make the check in somehow
  more intelligent to better detect a patched version ?

- ... ?

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