FreeBSD Port: pine-4.58

peter peter at
Tue Apr 13 10:29:09 PDT 2004


I am runing FreeBSD 4.9 and pine 4.58 from ports. I am testing a Comodo 
SSL certificate. I am using imapd 2002d which seems to work fine with 
Netscape mail, Mozilla mail, Thunderbird etc. All the clients can make 
imaps connections without problems. The display the test certificate as 
I would expect.

Pine 4.58 keeps giving me errors validating the certificate. I have my 
imapd.pem located in /usr/local/certs and it consists of

my private key
my server crt
Comodo crt

The Comodo crt is issued under the GTECyberTrustRoot.crt. I have put 
that crt into cert.pem in /usr/local/certs. Pine still complains it 
can't validate the local certificate.(identifed as the Comodo crt).

I have also tried only placing my private key and server key in 
imapd.pem and putting both the Comodo crt and GTE crt in the cert.pem 
file but then pine complains it can't validate my server crt.

When the pine 4.58 is built it looks like it might be looking for the 
certs in /usr/local/ssl/certs. I created that directory and placed the 
pems in there but no change in behavior.

I have read over the pine-openssl HowTo faq by Heinlein but haven't 
spotted my problem.

My certificates are working fine for apache with modssl, it is just 
pine that is unhappy.

Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you,


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