Second "RFC" on pkg-data idea for ports

Erich Dollansky oceanare at
Mon Apr 12 23:20:04 PDT 2004


Mark Linimon wrote:
>>>>This could lead to a general system where any number of different
>>>>versions of a package or port could be installed on the machine
>>>>without any interferance.
>>>That's a very different problem.
>>But it is what I meant.
> You may be interested to learn that DragonFly BSD has this as one of
> their medium-term goals -- but even for them, it is somewhat of a
> "research topic" that is going to require some fairly involved
> infrastructure changes.  My guess is that that will be months away,
> at least.
> In the meantime, with all the other challenges that the FreeBSD ports
> team is facing (making as many ports as possible run on 5.x in
> preparation for the branch to 5-STABLE; reworking of compile/install
> options handling; the currently high rate of PR arrival), this item is
> probably going to remain on the FreeBSD ports wish-list for quite some
> time to come.
I know. This is something to be picked up by a new developer.

It could be me. I did things like this a very long time ago.


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