FreeBSD Port: subversion-1.0.1

Björn Törnqvist bjorn at
Sun Apr 11 10:38:29 PDT 2004


First of all; thanks for maintaining the subversion port. However, 
something is wrong with it.

svnserve just hangs and does not accept new connections, i.e:

on the fbsd4.9-Stable box:
svnserve -X -r /home/bjorn/SubversionRepositories

on another box:
svn co svn://hostname/BTH-Pinball
[nothing happens]

There is no information in any logs, so I really don't know what is 
causing this. In the subversion documentation, they have this entry:
On FreeBSD, certain operations (especially svnadmin create) sometimes hang.
This is usually due to a lack of available entropy on the system. 
Subversion asks APR to generate random numbers to create UUIDs from time 
to time, and certain operating systems will block for high-quality 
randomness. You probably need to configure the system to gather entropy 
from sources such as hard-disk and network interrupts. Consult your 
system manpages, specifically random(4) and rndcontrol(8) on how to 
effect this change. Another workaround is to compile APR against 
/dev/urandom instead of /dev/random.

Ok, this is beyond my simple knowledge of bsd. I did do
rndcontrol -s 1 -s 2 -s 3 -s 4 -s 5 -s 6 -s 7 -s 8 -s 9

in hopes that more "entropy" could be gathered, but the problem is still 

What to do?



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