FreeBSD Port: nas-1.6

Jon Trulson jon at
Fri Apr 9 13:08:18 PDT 2004

	Hi, I'm the maintainer of the Network Audio System (NAS) project
at .  Over the last month, the number of
downloads (via libfetch) increased to the point that my poor DSL
connection could not handle it anymore.

	One of the NAS list members has offered some high bandwidth web
space on his site, where I've setup a mirror of the NAS website and it's
packages.  I have setup a server redirect on my site pointing to the
relocated packages, however it seems libfetch is ignoring it.

	At anyrate, the nas-1.6 package that was located at:

	Is now located at:

	All further NAS packages created for download will reside at , so please adjust your documentation,
installer, etc, accordingly...

	The main NAS webpage is still located at .


Apologies if I'm sending this to the wrong person/group.

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