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Gary Hayers Gary at
Fri Apr 9 09:14:03 PDT 2004

Scott Lambert wrote:
> I've had them committed the same day or two months later.  The
> keyword of "depends" is very true and, for me, expected in an all
> volunteer project, especially one of this magnatude.  
> I usually try to be patient and give the volunteers a month to notice
> my PR and deal with it before sending a friendly "hey, I've got this
> PR, ports/##### that does (something or other).  Could some
> interested committer take a look at it when they get a chance?" type
> message to this list.    
> Sometimes it takes a couple of those.  Sometimes the "interested
> committer" doesn't like something about my PR and asks me to change
> something.  Sometimes I just get a gnats followup message saying
> "committed. thanks!"  The process works, but you can't always just
> submit the PR and forget about it.    
> It makes my day every time one of my PRs is accepted.  Someday, I
> hope to get prolific enough that someone will try to punish me with a
> commit bit.  I'm probably a long time away from that.  

Thanks Scott,

That's just what I needed to know.


Gary Hayers
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