graphics/opendx and dropping science/hdf

Mikhail Teterin mi+kde at
Thu Apr 8 07:20:06 PDT 2004


I intend to drop the science/hdf port. It was obsoleted by hdf5 long ago
(was it?), it breaks on some some 64bit platforms, it conflicts with

All the technical issues are, probably, fixable, but the obsoleteness
makes them not worth the effort. Or so it seems.

The only port relying on science/hdf is graphics/opendx and only if
WITH_HDF is defined. Unfortunately, opendx does not (yet?) support hdf5.

	. Does hdf5 really obsolete hdf4?
	. Does hdf support add much value to opendx at all,
	  or can we just remove it?
	. If not, should I (or some other helping hand) try to patch
	  opendx to use hdf5?
	. bring the old hdf4 into the 21st century (fixing the types,
	  depending on math/netcdf instead of building its own)?

Thanks for any ideas,


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