Problems with 5.2.1-REL, ports and openssl

Ulf Zimmermann ulf at
Thu Apr 8 15:19:28 PDT 2004


I have seen now a few times this problem and wonder whats going on.
Right now I got two machines, installed with 5.2.1-RELENG, ports
cvsup'ed early enough today to get for example 1.13 of
and the other one later to have gotten version 1.15.

But I am not sure if itself is the culprit, as I had
another machine in the last 1-2 weeks which had the same problem and
judging by the dates, it would have been 1.13 too.

Now here is the problem itself:

Machine one, I try to compile bind9 from ports.
It finds (correctly) libcrypto.3 (in /usr/lib).

Machine two, I try to compile bind9 from ports.
It finds no /usr/local/lib/libcrypto.3 (which is correct, but it
shouldn't have looked for libcrypto.3 in /usr/local/lib).

/etc/make.conf has nothing set about openssl. on the other machine
I had issues I fixed it by defining OPENSSLBASE in /etc/make.conf
(I think it was OPENSSLBASE).

Anyone have an idea whats going on that thinks it
should be not be using the base openssl ?

Regards, Ulf.

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