Java and printing: No print service found.

Jonathan Fosburgh syjef at
Wed Apr 7 06:32:03 PDT 2004

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On Wednesday 07 April 2004 07:18, Dominik Epple wrote:

> A self-written, existing Java application is now to be run on this
> machine. This application uses the Java print api and printing works,
> for example, when running this application under linux. However,
> on the FreeBSD box, trying to print gives just a Message Box with
> the text "No print service found.".

I have come across the same issue, also using cups.  I played around by 
placing symlinks to commands such as lpr and lpc in /usr/bin, pointing to 
their cups implementation. After some looking, I believe I determined that 
java is looking for some specific information from lpc and I wrote a shell 
script for lpc that produced what java was looking for and I was able to get 
a printer list.  But printing still didnt work.  

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