Iperf doesn't hang up with clients, breaks perl's STDIN...?

Mike Hunter mhunter at ack.Berkeley.EDU
Tue Apr 6 09:57:44 PDT 2004

Easily reproducible for me is that an iperf server launched via "iperf -s -D"
never seems to hangup with remote clients...the 10 seconds pass and the
client just sits there.

There's an interesting related problem I'm having with iperf and perl.
I have a perl fragment that looks like this:

my $input = <STDIN>;
if ($input =~ /yes/i)
	system("iperf -s -D >/dev/null");
$input = <STDIN>;
die "wtf!!!" unless defined $input;

It dies with "wtf!!!".  Somehow running iperf is breaking my perl script's
connection to its own STDIN.

Not sure if you read, but in the move to 5 the number of /dev/fd's was
reduced from 64 to 3...I have a theory that iperf is trying to do
something weird with its file descriptors and that's what's causing the

I'd appreciate any help you can give or any suggestions where else to ask

As an aside, do you know the status of the iperf project?  Their web
paged looked a bit long in the tooth to me.

Thanks for your help,


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