glib version not recognized while upgrading pango

Adam Weinberger adamw at
Mon Apr 5 17:53:25 PDT 2004

>> (04.05.2004 @ 2034 PST): Robert Huff said, in 0.6K: <<
> Adam Weinberger writes:
> >  cvsup again.
> 	I did, and restarted the portupgrade.
> 	Got a message which suggested I needed to upgrade GNOME.
> Working on that now.
> 	A question based on reading that documentation: once the GNOME
> upgrade is complete, will a normal cvsup+portupgrade cycles work?
> I. e. have I put myself on some development track that needs to
> update off a special repository?
>> end of "Re: glib version not recognized while upgrading pango" from Robert Huff <<

No, the rather involved procedure is the only way I know of to cleanly
upgrade GNOME to the new 2.6 release.

i.e. If you're running the upgrade script, you're doing the right thing.
No special repos required.

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