I have a problem running ntop3.0 on FreeBSD 5.2.1-RC2

jang jang at hs.ntnu.edu.tw
Fri Apr 2 07:09:01 PST 2004

This is my installing steps.

1. /usr/port/net/ntop make install clean

2. chown -R nobody /usr/local/share/ntop
   chgrp -R nobody /usr/local/share/ntop

3. ntop -A (input passwd)

4. /usr/local/bin/ntop -d -L -4 --set-pcap-nonblocking
-i de0 -w 3000 -W 3001 -a /var/log/ntop.access.log -u

5. netstat -a|grep ntop
tcp4   0   0   *.ntop    *.*    LISTEN

6. use browser(I.E.) to access http://$hostname:3000/
    can't get any message back

7. I use xinetd to start ntop
   I edit /usr/local/etc/xinetd.d/ntop 

service ntop
   disable      = no
   socket_type  = stream
   wait         = no
   user         = nobody
   server       = /usr/local/bin/ntop
   server_args  = -d -L -4 --set-pcap-nonblocking -i 
de0 -w 3000 -a /var/log/ntop.access.log
   log_on_success += DURATION HOST USERID

8. use browser(I.E.) to access http://$hostname:3000/
   get message like following: 
   "Please enter the root password:"

Can anyone help me , this problem bother me.

Thank you very much.  


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