new 5.5.8 / 6.0 ImageMagick?

clayton rollins crollins666 at
Thu Apr 1 11:53:56 PST 2004

On April 1, 2004, David T-G <davidtg at> wrote:
>Thanks so much for the /usr/ports directory; I *love* FreeBSD! :-)
>I don't know how ports are updated, but when can I hope to see a fresh
>version of ImageMagick?  I'd like to use at least 5.5.8, but 6.0 is now
>out and so I'd use that if given a choice.

Hi David,

Ports are generally updated by the users of the software.
More dedicated users may also opt to become maintainer
for an orphaned port, such as ImageMagick.

for the gory details of porting, if you're interested.

As for your request, the newest stable version I could find
was 5.5.7-17. I couldn't find any reason in the release notes
why this release was put out or if it's worthwhile to update
the port.

If you know where to get 5.5.8, please give a link.

The only 6.0 I could find was at:
which is beta. (beta software doesn't generally
go into ports, especially if a stable release is

When configuring this version, I got unexpected results.
Quite a few libraries, such as xml, tiff, and jpeg, fail
configuration tests. Though it still built, 'make check'
gives one failed test and I managed to crash it
within minutes of starting.

I won't likely go any further on this, as I don't use
ImageMagick and don't really have time for figuring
out why the 6.0 code fails. (I'm mostly writing to save
other list members time, if they decide to pursue this,
and to get a link to 5.5.8.)


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