new 5.5.8 / 6.0 ImageMagick?

Oliver Eikemeier eikemeier at
Thu Apr 1 11:33:53 PST 2004

David T-G wrote:
> Hi!
> Thanks so much for the /usr/ports directory; I *love* FreeBSD! :-)

Thanks for your compliments ;-)

> I don't know how ports are updated, but when can I hope to see a fresh
> version of ImageMagick?  I'd like to use at least 5.5.8, but 6.0 is now
> out and so I'd use that if given a choice.

Since the port is currently unmaintained, you could submit a PR and take
maintainership, see Chapter 15 of the FreeBSD Porter's Handbook:

You should find any pending updates at:


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